Andre: wow this lil man is 4 years old. In this picture he is showing so much swag that he looks like a 14 year old. This guy has stolen my heart and is truly my sidekick. I admire his passion for fun and brining a whole new perspective on how to live a carefree life. This guy is my motivation to make his world a future where he can look into so many lenses and conquer any and all fears. This is the reason why we raise boys to love and live life to the fullest.

Ezra: He is my lil man. Looks alone are priceless with this little face. How can you not melt. I love this adventures and squishy boy. He is the anchor in this family and we know that he was that missing piece. I love to see how he interacts with his brother in such a playful attitude. This lil man makes our life that much easier to slow down and capture every moment.

Vikings vs Vikings

 Friday Night Lights. We went to support a local football team in Irving. This was a great night with lots of cheers, get um and lets fight rang through the air. This is what families and friends do on a Friday night in Texas.

Spiral Diner

Yea we finally made it out to the Spiral Diner. This is a vegan and all natural diner. We of course loved the Dr. Seuss books that greeted us at our booth. This diner for sure caters to families. This was a different eating experience for us but we loved and savored everything about the natural and eclectic vibe.

8 Years

Cedar Social for our 8 year anniversary! This place is an interesting dinning experience, because it doesn't feel like a typical restaurant. Our menu came in a sky blue file folder,  our food was unique ( Pork belly with a quail egg), our dessert was goat cheese cheesecake,  and the check came in a old Dallas Public Library book as if it was a bookmark. Cedar Social for our 8 year anniversary was understated and not overrated. xoxo.


I WON!!!!!!
Yes I entered a contest via Twitter and I was chosen as the lucky winner. Mrs Hilary Kennedy was the one that chose me. She is such a stylish and beautiful woman inside and out. I admire the way she carries herself and the confidence that she embodies. This was a surreal moment for me but I feel blessed to be chosen. I will for sure use this gift card and get pampered. Moms need to feel beautiful.
Thank You Hilary!

Highland Village Balloon Festival

What a perfect night in Highland Village. The weather was gorgeous the atmosphere was laid back and the company of friends was great. We really enjoyed the balloon show and marveled at the spectacular light show. This was our first balloon show and surely wont be the last.


Yes we stood in line for an hour. And yes we met Candance. Sprinkles opened up a Ice Cream shop and it is truly the best place to get ice cream. I ordered the cap't crunch ice cream with a red velvet cone. This was one of the best desserts I have had in Dallas, except for the red velvet cupcakes from sprinkles. This place is my favorite to go. I should just get a job there.

Dallas Arboretum

We made it to the Dallas Arboretum. The weather was very very HOT. But worth it. Alice in Wonderland was great theme for the children's garden. This place is so beautiful that it can't be missed. What a hidden gem in Dallas.

Dallas Art District market. This was a Fun event to attend. The atmosphere was a intended for adults with no strollers. Who cares we enjoyed the time there. We checked out a couple of booths that had some cool things to offer. We have to think BIG in this city to make an impression. Another adventure for the pliego's.


Grapevine Lake. Ezra and Dominique first time camping. This was one of the Best days for camping. The view was perfect the weather was ideal, it was a night that maybe will not be duplicated. I am so grateful for this time to spend with family and enjoy company.

Decks at the Park

Decks at the Park. What a fun event at the Klyde Warren Park. This park truly knows how to cater to the Dallas Community. The highlight of the night is the House music that local DJ's put on for free. This is something that I hope that the park puts on through the fall.

Northpark Mall

Northpark Mall in Dallas. This mall has been a great place to see sculptures, art and etc. I really enjoy the display windows and the creativity the stores put into it. Of course we could not leave the mall without stopping by the Lego's store. Andre has such a creative mind that he can build different kinds of mini lego people and they all come out different. What a great place to go with kids.


Klyde Warren Park. This has become our families new place to hang out in Dallas. The park has so many great events to offer families. We attended the Dallas Museum of Art Arturo. This class is offered to kids ages 3-5 years of age. The topic of that day was all about collections. Andre did a great job  participating with the class and giving some great answers. This City offers so many activities for the kids and I feel so blessed to have Andre participate. This will be something we will do again.

Red White and Blue

 Fourth Of July at the Fair Park. This was a free event that we had to be apart of. The mission was to get there early and get wristbands to enter into the Cotton Bowl Stadium and watch the fireworks in our cozy seats. This was a all day event with food trucks, crafts for kids, live music and the dancing waters. This was a great family outing and we really enjoyed ourselves. The firework show was great but not the best we have seen but truly a different experience.