Ezra is 3


 Ezra is 3 years old and we are so excited. He had a wonderful birthday party with his family. We spent the morning at the Lego convention in Irving and ended with a pinata. Everyone was so excited to celebrate  with Ezra that he sometimes felt shy yet excited. The food was so good and we thank grandma Magda for the Mac and Cheese and sandwiches. Ezra got a Black and Decker kids workshop and the an awesome helicopter from his uncle Jason. I think the best part of the party was when we started to sing happy birthday Ezra blew out the candles before we got to the end the song. So we had to rush the song so he could blow out his candles. What a great memory. And of course we can not forget the pinata fun. Aaron swung and miss and that's that. The best part is that we have the video footage to prove that. Andre and Stella were just laughing and goofing off. We had a blats. Enjoy the pictures. Thanks to Emmy for taking some pictures too. She is great Aunt to the boys. And the homemade pinata goes out to Grandpa Ernesto, yet again another great pinata!