Andre: wow this lil man is 4 years old. In this picture he is showing so much swag that he looks like a 14 year old. This guy has stolen my heart and is truly my sidekick. I admire his passion for fun and brining a whole new perspective on how to live a carefree life. This guy is my motivation to make his world a future where he can look into so many lenses and conquer any and all fears. This is the reason why we raise boys to love and live life to the fullest.

Ezra: He is my lil man. Looks alone are priceless with this little face. How can you not melt. I love this adventures and squishy boy. He is the anchor in this family and we know that he was that missing piece. I love to see how he interacts with his brother in such a playful attitude. This lil man makes our life that much easier to slow down and capture every moment.

Vikings vs Vikings

 Friday Night Lights. We went to support a local football team in Irving. This was a great night with lots of cheers, get um and lets fight rang through the air. This is what families and friends do on a Friday night in Texas.

Spiral Diner

Yea we finally made it out to the Spiral Diner. This is a vegan and all natural diner. We of course loved the Dr. Seuss books that greeted us at our booth. This diner for sure caters to families. This was a different eating experience for us but we loved and savored everything about the natural and eclectic vibe.