Andre 8th Bday Party at Main Event

What a fun age to be 8. Andre had a great time with his family and friends at the bowling alley and arcade. We are not big on parties but I knew that Andre wanted to celebrate his 8th birthday. Andre has really good friends that truly like his friendship. The boys and girls that came were from his church and school friends. We had a great time with everyone that showed up.

Andre and his friends, Ian, Ale, Henry and Lyla. Super fun kids. These are friends from church and school. Ian and Ale are both classmates, and Henry recently moved to Ft. Worth but continue to be friends, and Lyla our neighbor and sweet friend.

 All the friends from the party after bowling.

 Nathan and the silly faces,
 Henry and Nathan friends from church.
 Ian and Ale having a blast and enjoying some cupcakes.
 Two sweet girls Ilania and Lyla cheesing for the camera.
 Look Sebastian made it to the party. Sweet friends that became instant BFF.
 Emmy and Stella hanging out.
 Two take on this picture of me and the kids.

Ezra 4 Bday Party

We had the best birthday for Ezra. I wanted to have a BB8 for his pinata. And ask what you want and Papi Pliego will make it happen. It was a fun time with family and Ezra really liked it. The Food was great and the cake from whole foods Chantilly was amazing. This was a great time. 

Ezra is so much fun to be around. He is a good eater and eats a lot. He is very cautious and does not jump into anything with out testing it first. He is a great listener and remembers a lot of things that you tell him.  Most impressive is his language skills. Ezra has a great vocabulary of words and know how to use his speech well. And he knows what 1000 + 1000 is. 2000 is what he says. We love him and we can wait to see him get ready for T ball and Pre-K. Go Ezra.

Family Pack 771 Camp at Possum Kingdom Lake 2016

We had a great time with Pack 771. The family camp was a first one for us to participate in. The boys had a great time being apart of a fun pack that were excited about a good campout. The weather was perfect and the location was dreamy. We had a fun hike and games. The kids got to help do skits that entertained the group of families. We had a great time. The only thing that was different was not having the cars at the camp site. we had to hike up each time we needed something from the cars. Otherwise it was a fun time and we can;t wait for another camp out.