Denton Art/Jazz Festival

 Road trip to Denton! We were greeted by live music on every corner and art vendors. The music was absolutely great, from college bands playing Duke Ellington and little Polka Bands. It was not a dull moment. We ate greasy nachos and fries and ended the day with a funnel cake from the infamous Fletchers corn dogs booth. It was soft, crunchy and loaded with loads of powder sugar. We laid a blanket on the soft grass,  and watched the boys run around while Duke Ellington tunes played in the background. Yes another Pliego Adventure.


Miami/Key west

YAY!!! The family vacation is in full force! We have been planning our annual trip to Miami for the past 2 months that would be filled with activities every day!! First, on the agenda was to eat as much food as we could and that meant stopping at shake shack and eating the infamous shake burger.

The city of Wynwood has become the mecca in Miami! I can't believe this ity bity town sprouted with restaurants, art museums, food trucks and yes a target. I love this city and I am so pleased with the transition to become a destination for me. 

Key West
Time to go to the most southern point in the US. We made the 4 hour journey to key west and was the best decision we could have done. Growing up in Miami I never made the trip to the Keys. I wanted to make it to Key West and so glad that we did. The weather was perfect the people kind, and the chickens were literally everywhere. Apparently they are preserved. We Visited many sites and ate at a local restaurant. Of course we had the infamous Key lime pie, the crust was homemade and  just a piece of lime goodness. 

We pulled off the side of the road to get our feet wet, because who forgets to bring a bathing suit when you go to key west, yup that would be us. Ezra could not resist so he got completely soaked in the warm  crystal blue waters of  the Atlantic ocean. Shoes came off and we just enjoyed a chill afternoon off the side of the road in the ocean. How could we not stop when you are surrounded by water. 

The trip has finally come to an end and of course it was to short. We will return to Miami soon and my goal is to stay on the beach as long as we can. This trip was epic.

 We like to eat our guava pastry. I made sure that we bought back a few to Texas and of course non of them made it. Yum