Dream Cafe

 Dream Cafe in uptown was a great setting for patio Dining. We absolutely enjoyed sitting out on the patio and watching the boys run around and hang out on the jungle gym. Andre is a sucker for pancakes so he requested the Mickey pancake and Ezra had the cloud pancake!! Great choices all around. Great Day for Post Pre-K graduation. YAY

 I wanted to Try a POP- Over and surprisingly it is good! I like the airy texture and it literally pops in your mouth. Yum. Strawberry butter was a great compliment

Chicken Scratch

 I ordered the fried chicken and coconut waffles. The chicken was Heavily coated in Pecan crust. The chicken and Waffle were both spicy for me. Yet it was surprisingly good eats.

 Gorgeous cactus everywhere.

 The Red Ticket gets a child a FREE frozen Popsicle. Andre had a choice between Watermelon and Coconut and his choice is pretty obvious. Yummy and Messy at the same time.