Ezra 4 Bday Party

We had the best birthday for Ezra. I wanted to have a BB8 for his pinata. And ask what you want and Papi Pliego will make it happen. It was a fun time with family and Ezra really liked it. The Food was great and the cake from whole foods Chantilly was amazing. This was a great time. 

Ezra is so much fun to be around. He is a good eater and eats a lot. He is very cautious and does not jump into anything with out testing it first. He is a great listener and remembers a lot of things that you tell him.  Most impressive is his language skills. Ezra has a great vocabulary of words and know how to use his speech well. And he knows what 1000 + 1000 is. 2000 is what he says. We love him and we can wait to see him get ready for T ball and Pre-K. Go Ezra.

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